How to Invest in Gold and Silver

For centuries, people have used gold and silver as currency. They would buy everything with these precious metals and sell everything for these metals. Since these are precious metals and there is a limited amount of it in the world, it is a hedge against inflation (since more can’t be printed at … [More]

How to Invest in Silver

High Return Investments

So let’s start off with the basics; what is an investment and what are the different types of investments? An investment is something you put your money into, hoping to get more back than you put in. It is calculated and researched however; it is not without thorough analysis and security. When … [More]


Pros and Cons of Consolidating Your Debt

  Being in debt can suck you dry of any and all of the money you make. Interest payments, minimum payments and extra fees can all add up. By paying only the minimum payment, you’ll never get ahead; you’ll just continue in the same vicious circle. For example, if your minimum payment … [More]

Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation

Saving For Your Child’s Education

Having a proper education is vitally important if you want to get a high powered career and good pay to go with it, especially since competition is fiercer than ever and high class industries and firms will only take the best of the best. It might seem like an overwhelming task when it comes to … [More]

Saving for Your Child's Education

6 Month Emergency Fund

  Having some money saved up in the bank is crucial when it comes to expanding your financial portfolio and covering your bases just in case something happens. It’s important to have extra money in the bank because you never know what unexpected expenses will surface. You can say that … [More]

6 Month Emergency Fund

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

    With real estate being so costly, the value of a home can often be overwhelming. With the rising cost of inflation, even basic starter homes can go for a quarter of a million dollars (especially in the more expensive areas). Plus, you might want a home slightly larger, or … [More]

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

What’s New

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Eating on a Budget

  Eating food with plenty of nutritious value can be difficult when you’re on a budget – preparing your own lunches instead of getting fast food, making dinners instead of throwing a


The Cost of Owning a Vehicle

The Cost of Owning a Vehicle

  Everyone knows that owning a vehicle is much more expensive than taking public transportation, but exactly how much more expensive is it? Is it worth the costs to be able to go wherever you … [More...]


4 Ways to Buy and Sell Securities

Before we get into the 4 ways of how to buy and sell securities, let’s take a quick look at what a security is and how is can help expand your financial portfolio. Securities represent a wide … [More...]

Finance Tips

Top 10 Financial Mistakes

Top 10 Financial Mistakes

Although most of us have little if any serious knowledge on the matter of … [More...]

22 Ways to Fight Rising Food Prices

22 Ways to Fight Rising Food Prices

Inflation is the reason that everything goes up in price. Too much currency … [More...]


10 Steps to Paying Off Credit Card Debt

  Credit card debt is very easy to rack up quickly but can be … [More...]


Ratio Percentages

Creating a Personal Budget By Income Ratio

So now that I’m temporarily out of work, I’ve become much more acute to … [More...]


Income for the Single Person

There are many articles out there about how to deal with money in a … [More...]

Managing Your Own Finances

Managing Your Own Finances

Believe it or not, most people are actually not in control of their own … [More...]

Family Finances

Financial Tips for Youths

8 Financial Tips for Young Adults

Since managing your own finances is not taught in school, many youths have no idea how to go about being financially responsible when they turn 18. It can be very difficult for them to know what to do … [More...]

Teach Your Kids About Money

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

We all want our kids to be successful in school, but what about financially successful in life? Teaching your children about finances is one of the most important things you can do. But how do you go … [More...]

Joint Accounts vs. Separate Accounts

Joint Accounts vs. Separate Accounts in Marriage

As two people get married, the concept of money is generally altered to some extent. Here you may find more on Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts. When most people are single, they learn to take care of themselves; they pay their own bills, buy their own food … [More...]